Bundles for Children living in East Ukraine, full of nutritious food ready to be eaten without the need for cooking. Topped with a Panda, who is our Mascot that keeps the children's spirits up during tough moments. 


WASH Project led in Eastern Ukraine, which is providing clear water sources for war affected communities. 


Packages designed for elderly communities living near the frontlines, packed with food, hygene & basic medicine supplies that lasts for a week of survival. 


Bundles created for Mothers & their Newborns. For women around east Ukraine, who are giving birth in the middle of a war. Full of hygene supplies, food & clothing for both mum & her child. 


Project supporting Medics & Paramedics working at the fontlines in Ukraine. The funds from this project are providing Individual First Aid Kits for paramedics as well as training kits & training models for volunteer medics travelling to the frontlines